Pet dog taking cbd hemp oil from a syringe that the owner is holding in front of him.

CBD For Pets

Scientific research has shown that CBD can benefit pets because animals make endocannabinoids in their body like humans. These receptors work with physiological issues in their bodies. Cannabinoids (CBD) can activate this system and be used to help treat certain diseases and symptoms in animals without toxic side effects.

Out of many active compounds found in marijuana, THC and CBD are the most prominent. THC is the psychoactive compound that gives people a familiar “high”. THC can be toxic to animals and we do not recommend giving THC to them. CBD is nontoxic, not psychoactive and provides numerous health benefits. CBD that is used to treat pets contains no THC and can be used safely on your furry loved ones.

Even though we cannot legally make claims of CBD’s health benefits, infused edibles and tinctures are available, and reportedly effective at treating a variety of pet issues.

Such as 

  • -Reduction of Inflammation 
  • -Promotion of bone growth 
  • -Arthritis 
  • -Seizures 
  • -Improvement of circulation 
  • -Stress and anxiety 
  • -Pain reduction 
  • -Nausea 
  • -Appetite stimulation 
  • -Blood sugar regulation 
  • -Aggression and phobia reduction 
  • -Reduction in degenerative animal diseases

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