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Can I Be Allergic To Weed?

Weed is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant and is used in many ways not only for medicinal but also for recreational purposes. Marijuana is ingested through smoking, eating or vaping, but you should keep in mind that some people may actually be allergic to weed. However, until recent years scientists didn’t know that cannabis can be an allergen and some of us may have an allergic reaction when using weed. 

Can I Be Allergic to Weed? 

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Unfortunately, the answer is yes. When it comes to the cannabis Sativa plant, you should know that it produces and releases pollen during the summer months. Studies show that weed can easily trigger allergic symptoms in some cases. Although weed allergy is still uncommon, scientists claim that it will change over the years as marijuana is becoming more popular today. Whether you’re smoking or eating marijuana, if you’re allergic to it, you may suffer from asthmatic symptoms, skin irritation or conjunctivitis. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that some studies show that consuming marijuana may lead to developing some food allergies.

3 Types of Allergy 

Okay, you already know it’s possible to be allergic to marijuana, but it’s mandatory to learn what types of allergies you may have. There are three main types of weed allergy: 

1. Pollen allergy 

As mentioned before, studies show that some people experience symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis or asthma after exposure to marijuana pollen. There have been many reports on cannabis pollen allergy; unfortunately, there are no commercially available tests for us to check whether or not you’re allergic to weed. However, there are some methods to create a homemade allergy test and check your reaction to cannabis pollen. 

2. Allergy to eating weed 

Most stoners know well all the baked goods and herbal drinks with weed, but in some cases, people have been reporting an allergic reaction after consuming edibles. If you’re afraid you may be allergic to eating marijuana, consider starting with smaller doses. 

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3. Weed smoke allergy 

When it comes to smoking a joint, it’s the flowers and buds that may give you an allergic reaction. Some reports show that people suffered from allergic anaphylaxis, rhinitis, and asthma. If you’re wondering how smoke can trigger allergic reactions, you should keep in mind that weed not only contains pollen allergens but also THC, which may lead to a faster allergy reaction. Looking for help? Consider immunotherapy with marijuana pollen, but there are not enough studies to support this method. 

The Symptoms 

You already know that it is possible to be allergic to weed, but what are the most common symptoms? After consuming weed, you may suffer from itchiness and redness on your skin. Another weed allergy symptom is scaly, dry skin. 

Is it possible to become allergic to weed? Yes, if you inhale cannabis Sativa pollen, you may become sensitized, the same way it happens with any other airborne allergen. What happens next? You will most likely experience similar symptoms as usual, such as hay fever, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, sore throat, and respiratory issues. 

8 Signs of Weed Allergy

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There are some main signs of weed allergy you might want to know about. Whether you’re a marijuana lover or not, you must face the truth that some people may be allergic to cannabis. Keep in mind that weed is a pretty potent plant and you may develop an allergy over time after having regular contact with the allergen. Here are the eight main signs of marijuana allergy: 

  1. Having trouble breathing is one of the most popular symptoms of a weed allergy. Whether you’ve smoked or consumed cannabis otherwise, you can still experience this symptom. 
  1. Sneezing and running nose or other symptoms leading to a sore throat are also signs of exposure to an allergen such as marijuana. 
  1. A massive headache may be caused by the weed, even if usually it’s marijuana that deals with pain best. 
  1. Irritability and tiredness. Usually, you’re chilled after consuming weed, but if you’re allergic to it, you’ll pretty fast feel tired and irritated. 
  1. The itchy skin should be a big red flag for you if you’re experiencing this symptom after smoking or consuming weed in other ways. 
  1. Rush on the skin or hives should be a sign to take a break from weed. 
  1. Red, bloody eyes. Yes, even if this is a common sign that a person just smoked weed, this may also mean that you’re allergic to marijuana. 
  1. Sudden fruit or vegetable allergies. Some scientist says that exposure to weed may cause vegetable or fruit allergy in the future. 

How to Check If I’m Allergic? 

You’re probably wondering if it’s possible to get to know whether or not you’re allergic to weed. Although it’s impossible to take a cannabis pollen allergy test, you can go for a simple skin test. It will work exactly the same as when testing other allergies. Scientists are constantly looking for a new way to test weed allergies, and they are trying to use crushed buds and leaves for the allergy test. 

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I’m Allergic to Weed! What Now?

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If you’re one of these people who suffer from allergic reactions after consuming weed, you should keep in mind there are some ways to deal with it. 

Of course, the best treatment is avoiding the allergen in order to avoid unpleasant symptoms. However, if you’re not ready to leave weed behind, it’s important to implement some restrictions in your life. Try not to use weeds often and avoid other plants that may cause allergic reactions in your organism. 

Another way to deal with weed allergy symptoms is by using nasal decongestants, antihistamines or intranasal steroids. If you’re suffering from asthma, consider using corticosteroids or beta-agonists to relieve the allergic reaction. 

Immunotherapy is the next step on the way of dealing with weed allergy. Of course, there are many studies needed to check the effectiveness of this method, but it is now recommended for people suffering from asthma and rhinitis. 

Last but not least, some doctors recommend using omalizumab for people who suffer from symptoms such as hypotension, dyspnea, and urticaria. 

Weed allergy is not an easy topic these days. Marijuana is becoming more and more popular, but scientists still have to study and research this amazing plant. If you’re afraid you may be allergic to weed, it’s best to contact your doctor in order to learn how to protect your body from allergic reactions. 


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