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Top 5 Indica Strains

Many cannabis users know, the strain that one decides to consume can utterly change the experience that one has. Today we have hundreds, if not thousands of different marijuana strains to choose from, far more than our forefathers ever encountered in the past despite our long history of marijuana usage. The modern world of cannabis has created such a variety to choose from, that it can sometimes be difficult to find just exactly what you like. While typically you cannot go wrong, and oftentimes if you are a cannabis user you will like some strains more than others, none (if grown properly) will actually be bad. Despite that, however, there are some strains out there that for one reason or another have gained popularity over the others, be it for their availability, use in popular culture, or their actual taste, smell, and effects. 

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Today we will be going over some of the top strains out there that belong within the Indica species of the cannabis plant. How many of these have you tried? What are your favourites? Join us as we explore the top five best Indica strains currently out there! 

Strain Number Five – Afghan Kush: 

To start off our list, we have this spicy, yet earthy flower from the Hindu Kush Mountains which lie between Afghanistan and Pakistan (thus the name).  Made available by White Label Seed Company around the world, this strain is known for its very powerful sedating effects, coupled with the relaxation and sleepiness that follows. These massive buds are resin packed and provide a heavy yield for growers which is great news for us since this is such a great Indica strain. Perfected over centuries, this strain is one of the oldest contours strains that we know of, and when you try some from the actual place where it originated, a landrace strain; you will be blown away by the flavour, and effects that this strain produces. 

Strain Number Four – Master Kush: 

Not called the “master” for nothing, this strain of Indica is a very powerful, popular, flower coming out of the Hindu Kush region just like our last choice. Considering that Indica in general originated from this area, it’s no surprise. With an earthy taste and smell, with a hint of citrus, this is often described as “a vintage flavour” according to Leafly. Unlike many other powerful Indica strains, this one does not have an over-powerful cerebral, mind-numbing effect coupled with its full-body relaxation. With a very pungent, and spicy taste, this strain is sure to please true Indica fans and cannabis lovers in general. With a surprisingly sharpened sense of awareness that this strain brings on, it can be used during any activity unlike some of the other couch locks we have on this list. 

Strain Number Three – Skywalker: 

Not to be confused with the hybrid from California Skywalker OG, this pure Indica was created by Dutch Passion Seeds in Amsterdam. Their goal was to combine the sweet fruity aroma of Blueberry, with the high yield of Mazar. This is not an Indica to mess with and creates a very strong head high, coupled with the well-known effects of Indica to tackle pain and help users sleep and relax. Despite its potency, this strain is not a couch lock and allows the user to still go about their day if they want to. Or, one could utterly fall into the world of Skywalker, and fly through the galaxy on the power of this favourite of many. While not a pure Indica, there is no doubt which side of this coin has the dominant control over this flower. If anything, the Sativa helps balance out and improve the powerful force of this strain. 

Strain Number Two – Herijuana: 

Now this strain is simply a beast. Typically consisting of over twenty-five percent THC, this strain provides a feeling like no other. This is one potent Indica, with large dense flowers, that taste like the earth itself, this Indica was created over breeding Petrolia Headhstash and “The Killer New Haven” strain from Kentucky. With almost a numbing sensation, this strain is great for pains of any kind, as well as even the most stubborn insomniacs. Locking you down with a happy, relaxed, and euphoric sensation that is so strong you will not want to move (if you can), this strain is great for those searching for relief from bodily pains or stress and anxiety. You will find it difficult to find a strain stronger than this one; and if you are looking for a heavy hitter, look no father. 

Strain Number One – Northern Lights: 

One of the most popular, and famous strains of all time, a pure Indica which was created from mixing Afghani and Thai (both landrace strains), this strain is a favourite of many, and long sought after by those who have yet to try it. Created either in Seattle during the 80s, or in the Netherlands by Sensi Seeds, this strain transports you to the great arctic north, in awe of the infamous aurora borealis, at least that is what it feels like. With s spicy yet sweet aroma which radiates from the massive amounts of trichromatic over this flower, you will feel as if you are walking through a pine forest as you stare at the purple-ish hue of this beautiful herb. With psychoactive effects off the chart, you will feel your muscles and mind relax into euphoria as pain and insomnia leave the body. There have been many strains that have stemmed from this one, and have been created from it, but nothing beats the original. This strain takes our number one spot not only for how popular it is but for its superb effects, aroma and taste. 


While there are hundreds, if not thousands of strains out there, we feel that this is a pretty solid list that any cannabis user could not go wrong with. With some strains that will flat knock you out, and exterminate your pain, to ones that have a much lighter touch; leading to just an enjoyable relaxing feeling; these Indica strains are some of the best out there. Of course, it will all end up being a personal opinion, and even then some strains of the same type can vary depending on how they were grown; so experimenting with strains, and locations even can lead to varying results! There you have it! Do you agree? What would your top choices be? 

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