Best Weed For Pain

Now more than ever people are either smoking for the first time or smoking instead of taking more conventional medications to combat pain. The most generalized use of medical cannabis is for pain. More specifically, it is being used for all types of pain: Physical, Neuropathic, and Psychological. 

Marijuana users are onto something: this plant works. Most patients have seen improvements in their health when using the best strains of cannabis to treat their pain. The herb listed was chosen because of real people who have reviewed the strain as well as the plant’s chemical makeup. 

Yes, although marijuana is a plant, the tiny pieces of the plant like cannabinoids and terpenes are especially known for their miracle-like pain-relieving powers. There are many other options, strains, and forms of using the best cannabis for pain, so be sure to experiment and try new things. 

Vaporizing and smoking may be the tried and true method of benefiting from marijuana’s pain-killing powers, but there are a lot of great things out there like cannabis concentrates, oils, and consumption without smoking. Please keep in mind that there are many grade-A strains that are out there and best for your pain. 

Different Types of Pain 

Old man with headache. Exaggerated fire is surrounding his head.

There are three common types of pain that affect either you or someone you know. It is estimated that nearly one in five Canadians will suffer from pain-related ailments for longer than ninety days at least once in their life. Physically, or bodily, pain can be chronic or come and go throughout a person’s life. Neuropathic pain is long-term damage to the nervous system often leaving patients with numbness in their limbs and shooting pain throughout their bodies. Psychological pain may not be visible, but it is here and it hurts. 

When you go to a doctor for any type of pain symptom, you’re probably walking out with a little white piece of paper that you take to a pharmacy for some drugs. Opiates, relaxants, stimulants-everything. Most of these prescriptions have horrid side effects like nausea, trouble sleeping, or even things as severe as a heart attack or a stroke. Those side effects are now new entitlements which you need more prescriptions to treat. 

Or not. What if you could inhale a little bit of smoke, chew a little bit of a cake, or rub a little oil onto your skin you might not have to go through the pharma cycle anymore. It’s true: cannabis works. There are many strains that are best for body pain, any pain. There is science, there are studies, and there are real live walking talking human beings that can attest to the magical power of marijuana. 

What Is Physical Pain?

Man with visible pain in the lower neck and upper back.

Physical pain hurts. It clogs your mind and ruins your day, which in turn can make you irritable, angry, or sad person. Chronic pain, or back pain-related issues are usually muscle related. When you smoke marijuana the magical particles of the plant are fast-acting and get to work immediately on your symptoms. Pain is all linked. 
It could be emotions, or behaviour that caused your pain, or it might even be mental health related. Physical pain can be treated with cannabis and now more than ever you have the ability to truly choose your medication. The strain that works best for your pain may be different than for someone else. That is the beauty of cannabis. Different plants have different biological makeup, which means there is a strain that will treat your physical pain. 

Best Strains for Physical Pain

1. CBD Barbara 

This strain is an Indica with virtually no CBD. Many people have found Barbara very helpful in treating their pain. Muscle spasms, stress, and back pain are no match for her. She is the best strain for pain without feeling high, buzzed, or mentally clouded. 

2. Pre-98 Bubba 

Woody, earthy, maybe a hint of coffee- that’s Pre-98 Bubba in a nutshell. If you are suffering from back pain, or any pain for that matter, there is a reason why this strain has been around for so long. Pre-medical, pre-dispensary, pre-license to smoke, this is the bud that was helping people during those underground days. The smoke is clean and it smells divine. Mostly used for body pain, this is also one of the best marijuana strains for calming down, or “quieting the mind” 

3. OG Wreck 

This is a hybrid strain derived from Trainwreck and OG Kush. It is a sativa-dominant strain with a powerful effect on the mind. This mash-up of two farmed strains brings out very potent medicinal properties that will help combat body pain, nausea, stress, headaches, and loss of appetite among others. 

4. Grape God 

Uplifted. Relaxed. Blissful. These are just a few words that come to mind when thinking of smoking Grape God. This hybrid is on the Indica side and was created by a combination of Grapefruit and God Bud genes. It gets its name from the grape notes when exhaling. This is the best strain for knocking out pain, boosting your mood, and leaving your body unwound. 

5. BC Kush 

BC Kush is well known for a reason. It is one of the strongest and best strains of cannabis out there a currently-for good reason. It has a 20% THC level for the most part and has that perfect scent mix of citrus and sweet. People who smoke it know that you are going to get high. Period. Goodbye negativity, goodbye stress, goodbye pain. You will be happy and that’s just the bottom line. This strain is one of the multiple Kush strains that come from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. It has won multiple awards for good reasons. Your back pain and your inflammation will dissipate quite quickly and you may feel overly social- maybe creative. 

What is Neuropathic Pain? 

It is no secret: chronic neuropathic pain is a major problem. Affecting more than two in ten adults, this pain type is debilitating and often incurable. Inflammation leads to pain, which often occurs in limbs like the hands and feet. Patients living with neuropathic pain normally miss out on life’s lovely events and have a hard time with day-to-day tasks. The treatment options are quite limited as well. Fortunately, the use of the best cannabis strains has proven to be effective in treating patients’ pain without long-term harm to us, compared to someone who doesn’t use marijuana. We know that cannabis as medicine works in various ways throughout our body, and we know that marijuana for pain is a viable method because more and more of us are seeking it out to treat ourselves, even without proper permission. 

Best Cannabis for Neuropathic Pain 

1. Lemon Haze 

Lemon Haze is known for its intense lemon smell and sweet citrus taste. Its buds are a bright green and with some orange hairs that give it an almost yellow look. It has a moderate THC level of around 20% and a CBD level of about 38. 

2. Nuken 

This genius Canadian strain was created by breeding genetics from the descendant of two Shishkabeery parents and God Bud. She is delightfully balanced and brings a sweet yet earthy smell. This girl is quite potent making it one of the best strains for neuropathic pain. Although it is tough on pain, you will still be able to function like a normal person and enjoy your day. This plant will give you a social high and you may even find yourself doing more things now that the pain has subsided. 

3. Pink Star 

This strain will kick your butt and glue you to whatever it got stuck too. 100% for pain. It is best to be used in the evening after your day is done. Spice is what comes to mind when I think of this strain. It’s hands down, science-backed, pure Indica that gets the job done. Say goodbye to ouch and hello to the healing effects that the earthy plant brings. 

4. Purple Kush 

Purple Kush is the offspring of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The best strain for pain-related ailments hands down. It is sweet-smelling and will release the mind and body of pain and restlessness. With THC levels around 20% and CBD levels around 0.1%, you will be left feeling pain-free. 

5. Black Diamond 

This is a personal favourite. The best cannabis strain for pain hands down. It is magical because it cures all sickness and pain without any side effects that would come from typical pain-related medication. This high is a sweet little gift. Your body is calmed. You are medicated, not overwhelmed. If you are taking opiates for back pain then you should try Black Diamond. You will get a good night’s rest without missing your alarm in the morning. You will wake up with ease and enjoyment for a new day. 

What is Psychological Pain

Girl in psychological pain looking out the window with her legs crossed.

We have all felt it, that pang in your chest, or your heart racing. Maybe you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a month and now you hurt. Psychological pain is invisible, but it is still very painful. That unpleasant feeling that isn’t physically there. Stress, ADHD, anxiety, depression, past trauma, and insomnia there are all ailments that can be treated with marijuana for psychological pain. Many of us these days choose cannabis over habit-forming drugs like Xanax to cure us. The strains listed below are just a glimpse into what is available. 

Best Marijuana for Psychological Pain 

1. Amnesia Haze 

With a kick of citrus and lemons combined with a down and earthy flavour, Amnesia Haze is a lovely strain to begin your morning. If you thought coffee made you smile, or gave you that energetic boost, this strain is best for you physically and mentally. It is a dominant Sativa hybrid that has genetics traced back to South Asia and Jamaica. You will be left feeling ready to take on the day and it is a multiple-winner at the Cannabis Cup. 

2. Purple Urkle 

To me, this is the best strain for psychological pain. While it is marketed for Insomnia, this Hybrid helps you fall asleep with ease. If you smoke daily like me, you will enjoy this strain’s ability to give you a body high that’s cozier than a hug from your mom. You will be relaxed from head to toe. The sweetest dreams come from the sweetest strains, and this one is no different. This is a very berry, very sweet-smelling strain. 

3. OG Kush 

This is a Hybrid strain out of California. This strain brings on a heavy euphoric effect that can annihilate stress and anxiety. That distinct lemon scent that carries woody undertones is the handy work of terpenes. Anyone who smokes knows Kush of any sort for a reason. That is the smell of heaven! Primarily used for Headaches and ADD/ADHD, OG Kush has been known to crush a panic attack and is marijuana’s best strain for anxiety 

4. Charlotte’s Web 

This strain was created specifically for a little girl named Charlotte who suffered from seizures. Since then it has become the go-to best strain for pain when you are looking to treat the pain with basically no psychoactive effect. There is virtually no THC content, but it is raging with CBD. 

5. Jet Fuel 

This is a hybrid strain derived from the famous Diesel strains and it is also known as G6. With its OG Kush and Diesel heritage, this strain is sweet and smelly, but it also carries that energizing Sativa scent. While you will feel uplifted, as you smoke you mellow into a calm relaxing state. Smoke this if you are feeling especially stressed. 

The Big Picture

Millions of us are affected by pain and pain-related illness, and there are many ways to go about treating it. The same thing goes for the best strains of cannabis for pain. There are lots of strains out there that will help us, each strain specializing in specific ailments, and other strains creating an all-around, wholesome environment for any sufferer of any pain type. 

Although people tend to find the most relief in an Indica type, it’s best not to rule out hybrids or Sativa altogether. If you are on opioids and are just now trying out cannabis to treat your pain remember that less is more and always keep your medical practitioner in the loop. 

Depending on the chemical composition of the strain, the amount you consume, and the way you consume it, it may take a little time and a trial before you find the most effective way to use cannabis to treat your pain. No one likes to hurt. And no one likes to see their loved ones in pain. If you or someone you know is hurting, take a good hard look at the best cannabis strains for treating pain. You might be surprised at what you find. 


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