In the world of cannabis, there are so many varying forms that many of us have not come into contact with them all, let alone have even heard of them. From the hundreds, if not thousands of different strains, to edibles and concentrates, oils and lotions; the world of cannabis has utterly exploded over the last few decades, and has become something that our forefathers would not even have recognized.

Many people, both those new to cannabis, and more experienced in the field, often try to learn about either new or more traditional forms of cannabis consumption, because who doesn’t enjoy spicing up, or altering their routine from time to time? Today we will be examining one of the older forms of cannabis concentrates, which you can gather and make easily at home even! Today, we will be exploring Kief; what it is, how to make it, or where to get it, and just exactly what you can do with it! Kief is one of the more versatile cannabis concentrates, and many are surprised at just exactly what you can do with it; and how easy it is to make. So join us, as we explore the world of Kief. 

What is Kief? 

Kief, simply put is a cannabis concentrate like wax, hash, shatter, etc., however, it differs in many key ways. Firstly, you do not have to do anything to make it, you simply have to collect it! Yes, you read that right, no real processing is required! So what is it then? 

Kief is the separated and or extracted trichomes from the cannabis plant, which of course brings up the question what are trichomes? Biologically speaking, trichomes are small hairs that plants evolved for various evolutionary reasons, to attract pollinating insects, to repel predators, etc. Many plants have them, but as far as we know other plants do not have trichomes like cannabis. Trichomes are the little shiny, crystal-like hairs on the cannabis flowers, some people describe them as frosty looking, and that is where that aspect of the appearance comes from. 

While all parts of the cannabis plant contain some levels of THC, (as well as other cannabinoids) it is within the trichomes that most of the THC can actually be found, this being because the trichomes are where the resinous substance which contains the cannabinoids is produced. Evolutionarily speaking, botanists believe this is a defence mechanism to make predators too intoxicated to try to eat the plant, and are thus unable to finish it, an interesting theory. 

It is the presence of these frosty gems that give cannabis its strength, the more frost; chances are the stronger the strain in terms of THC and cannabinoid percentages. So when you remove these trichomes and make them separate from the flower itself via the process we will go over shortly; you have yourself some kief! 

How to get Kief: 

The easiest way to obtain kief is by using a three-chamber grinder. The first chamber is where the flower goes, the second is where you store the finely ground flower…and the third will be a small compartment where the kief will fall through a thin screen, and be collected. Then you can just take it from there! 

Aside from that, there will be other manual sifting methods, but after that, you’re pretty much set! Aside from gathering it yourself, you could of course purchase some at your local dispensary.

So now that you have Kief, what can you use it for? 

Now that you have gathered your Kief, you have a few options regarding what to do with it! No matter what you end up doing, chances are you are going to have an enjoyable experience! 

Adding to your Bowl: 

Regardless of whether you are using a bong, pipe, or other smoking device that uses “bowls” you can take some of the kief you now have, and add it right on top! Depending on your preference, the amount will vary but it will sure give your bowl a very strong kick! 

Adding to Joints: 

With a similar idea as adding it to your bowl, while you are rolling your joint you can sprinkle some kief in there, and your joint will be ten times better, and stronger! Be careful not to add too much, however, as it can be very harsh! 

Creating Hash: 

The process of making hash is a simple one but requires some supplies in order to do so, basically, all that making hash is, is applying pressure and heat to rupture the resin glands, which gives the kief, now hash a different appearance, taste, and effect. The more pressure and heat that have been applied, the darker the hash will become. 

Making MoonRocks: 

Moonrocks, and the less known variant “sun” rocks are made by rolling balls of bud in wax, and covering them with kief (and in the case of the latter, rolling them in more wax). This creates an out-of-this-world experience, that when smoked some say is just the strongest, and best cannabis experience out there. 

Pressing Rosin: 

Quickly becoming one of, if not the most popular method of solventless extraction, this method involves literally pressing the oils out of the cannabis. While this can be done with the flowers, or buds themselves, using kief, where the majority of the cannabinoids are stored, can lead to a much stronger yield and product. 

Making Cannabutter: 

One of the most popular uses of cannabis in general, cannabutter is used in the process of making marijuana edibles. While again this is typically made using flower, and still requires it, adding in some kief can help you end up with a much more potent result. 


There you have it! Now you know about the fascinating world of kief, what it is, where to get it, and even how to use it! The world is open to many possibilities conceding cannabis and we are only starting to learn of the many new ways in which we can take advantage of this amazing herb. 


Trichomes: The Complete Guide – Honest Marijuana 

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