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5 Best Weed Movies to Watch When You’re High

As Cannabis becomes more commonplace around the world, and thus more socially acceptable, many people strive to learn just about as much as they can about the whole world of marijuana. For many people, educational documentaries can be both an entertaining and an excellent way to learn new information about a given topic. 

Of course, as we all know not all documentaries are created equally, unfortunately. Some can be quite excellent both in their presentation and in the quality of their information. 

As we also know, however, some can be downright dreadful and not even worth the watch! 

To help you navigate the waters of the many marijuana documentaries that you could end up watching, we have taken the time (and sat through some pretty terrible documentaries) to write this nifty guide for you, so that you can skip the rest and go straight to the best! 

Join us, grab your favourite treats, and get ready to sit down to some awesome documentaries. 

Number Five: Super High Me 

To start us off, we have one of the most popular, and well-known cannabis-related documentaries that have come out in the last few years. Super High Me, starring the comedian Doug Benson, came out in 2008 and was lighthearted, but a somewhat educational spoof of the 2004 documentary Super-Size Me. 

The documentary follows Doug as he begins a journey to see what effects smoking cannabis for thirty days straight has on someone who had not consumed cannabis for a long period of time could have. 

In a comedic, and entertaining way Doug explores from a firsthand experience everything that happens to someone who begins to smoke marijuana on a regular basis. 

With some surprising, and enlightening results, you can sit back for a laugh with this documentary while still learning a thing or two. While not the most educational of the options on our list; it is a very entertaining first stop on our road down the best cannabis documentaries. 

Number Four: Inside: Medical Marijuana 

Next up on our list is a short documentary from National Geographic; so chances are you know it’s going to be good! 

Debuting in 2011, it was the perfect time for a detailed inside look into what cannabis actually is, and its effects. 

The recreational cannabis industry was just starting to really get its gears for legalization going, but the medical marijuana community had already been going strong in several states for decades; it was prime time for this documentary to debut, just ahead of the massive cultural push for legalization. 

The Netflix description of this documentary reads “examine the world of legal marijuana and [analyze] the science behind the medical properties of the world’s most-used illicit drug.” Explore the properties of cannabis that play important roles in medical research, and learn just why medical marijuana has been used by our species for so long; because it is can be an effective medicine. 

At least that is what the documentary shows, examining it from all sides this documentary is very critical; however, is backed up by well-researched information. While perhaps not the most entertaining of the options on this list, you will at least learn a great deal about the ins and outs of medical cannabis; at least what they knew in 2011. 

Number Three: The Union: The Business Behind Getting High 

One of the earlier documentaries on this list, created by Adam Scorgie and debuting in 2007, this documentary examines the background of the current prohibition against marijuana within the United States. 

This is a very well-made, and educational documentary about some of the most recent, and turbulent history in all of the cannabis. However, this is not just a “weed is great, because it is a great documentary,” where the film crew only discusses the topic with those who are on the side of cannabis, but instead conducts in-depth interviews with police officers, politicians, criminologists along with growers, medical patients, and doctors. 

Giving a very even-sided view of the industry at the time, this documentary goes in depth as to why cannabis is illegal, and ever became illegal despite all of the medicinal properties that we know it possesses. If the history of cannabis is more your thing versus the effects, or current landscape of cannabis legalization, etc., then this will be the perfect option for you! 

This offers one of the most in-depth examinations of certain aspects of the cannabis world than any other and is a great way to learn some new things about the current world of cannabis. 

Number Two: Weed 

Taking the number two spot on our list is a documentary from CNN that really helped to change the minds of a great many people across the United States. 

Coming out in 2013, slightly after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana-the first state to do so. 

The documentary follows the well-known neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, as he himself goes on a transformative journey regarding his views and beliefs on marijuana. Starting with the history of  cannabis prohibition, Gupta explores the reasons why cannabis is illegal today, and in his own words calls it all “based on lies” perpetrated by Harry Anslinger in 1937. 

Following the personal stories of numerous medical marijuana patients, the documentary explores the medical benefits of cannabis, as well as the science behind it; such as how cannabinoids can kill cancer cells. This is an amazing documentary that explores the true stories of how individuals suffering from various ailments improve the quality of their life with cannabis, and while not hurting anyone else why they do it. 

This documentary is a must-watch for anyone on the fence about medical marijuana and can be a great tool to educate the public against the stigmas that we currently see against cannabis use for any reason, medical or otherwise. 

Number One: Culture High 

Taking the number one spot on our list is a documentary called Culture High, from the same creators of The Union, another option on our list. This feature, which came out in 2014 and was released in 2015, was so excellent, that it actually won the best documentary over 30 min at the AMPIA Awards. 

As more and more places legalized cannabis for various purposes, the creators of The Union wanted to return to continue to tell their story, and they do so in such a beautiful and compelling way that this option takes the first place position on our list. 

Examining arguments on both sides for and against the legalization of cannabis, we learn a great deal about the current arguments on both sides; both the ones that are valid and otherwise. 

We learn a great deal about why cannabis is still illegal, and the process in which it must go through in order for that to change. In this compelling documentary, we get a behind-the-scenes look at just how the government controls the current landscape of the cannabis industry and its future. 


Well, now it seems you have some documentaries to watch, doesn’t it? There are of course so many great documentaries that we just could not list in this article, but we did our best to find you the very best of the best! 

You cannot go wrong with the options here, and are sure to learn a great deal, and enjoy some entertainment while you are at it! So get out there, and enjoy! 

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