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Why Dope People Smoke Weed

Usually, marijuana enthusiasts are portrayed as lazy and unproductive stoners. But there are many reasons why people smoke weed and, in most cases, it’s the most positive and rational way to enhance the quality of life and achieve a work-life balance. 

Marijuana affects people differently; it depends on the strain, the situation or the method of use. Studies show that in most cases, cannabis enthusiasts use the plant moderately. Plus, it has been proved that marijuana has an extremely low risk of physical addiction, which means people don’t feel the need to use it over and over again. Instead, cannabis users choose to smoke weed when they see the benefits of it, whether medical or recreational. For thousands of years people have used marijuana, and there are three main reasons for doing so. 

1. Recreational Use 

When it comes to using weed, it’s mostly consumed for recreational reasons in order to improve the quality of life and socialize with others. The majority of cannabis users admit that they smoke weed recreationally. 

The historical roots of the social use of marijuana have been found in Ancient India, where local people didn’t support the use of alcohol. However, the locals fully accepted the social use of marijuana. Another such record has been found in ancient Rome. According to scientists, wealthy people used to consume a dessert with seeds of marijuana. Moreover, ancient Indians provided cannabis for both the bride and groom on their wedding day because cannabis was a sign of good luck and hospitality. 

Today, some people smoke weed daily, while some of them use marijuana for specific occasions. It’s not a secret that weed enhances any activity and makes it more enjoyable. Plus, it helps to concentrate or relax, which is a great reason to use it daily, but properly. You should know that marijuana usually becomes a daily routine for many people, and has no negative social, economic or health effects. Most cannabis enthusiasts use it in a way similar to the one other people use coffee – they smoke weed responsibly and enjoy their lives day to day. 

2. Medical use 

First of all, you should know how The Constitution of WHO defines health. Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”, which means that the social use of marijuana may complement the medical advantages of this plant. Moreover, keep in mind that using marijuana for medical reasons causes improvement in the quality of life, too. Needless to say, those who use marijuana for medical reasons may also manage their mental or physical problems without damaging their health. People have been using marijuana for centuries. Researchers found that the Chinese Emperor, Shen Neng, in 2700 BCE used marijuana as a medicine, not to mention that was the father of Chinese medicine, so we should keep it in mind when talking about the medical use of cannabis.

Do you need more evidence? In 1500 BCE, ancient Egyptians created a medical text that mentions marijuana. You should know that this text, called The Ebers Papyrus, is the oldest pharmaceutical written document ever found on this planet.  

As for Canada, marijuana was used for medical reasons until 1923. Back in 2000 patients gained the right to medicate themselves legally, because the Constitution protects both the health and liberty of the nation; that being said, people should be able to access marijuana in order to protect their health with no fear of committing a crime. Since 2001, patients can legally grow cannabis for medical use, which is the aftereffect of the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations program.

Marijuana is used for treating many medical symptoms and conditions, such as pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, nausea, inflammation and loss of appetite. But these are only mental or physical conditions. Weed can also help you fight epilepsy, ADHD, PTSD, cancer, arthritis or multiple sclerosis. Many people report that weed helped them more than pharmaceutical drugs, and they had fewer negative side effects after using marijuana. People smoke weed because it helps them deal with many side effects caused by other drugs, too. 

3. Spiritual Use 

Marijuana has a long history of spiritual use, which is connected with seeking a sense of life and is usually accepted by other people. Spiritual well-being is as important in our lives as overall health. In sacred Atharvaveda, an ancient Indian text, marijuana is one of the five holy plants on the planet. People also used weed to pay respect during the funeral ceremony in order to properly say goodbye to their departed leaders.

As mentioned before, in ancient China local people used marijuana for other purposes, but they also said that this plant allows them to communicate with the spirits. Some ancient societies took cannabis to make drinks that could create a bridge between earth and heaven. Other folks smoke weed for spiritual reasons because the plant is mentioned in the Old Testament. Research shows that the plant is named cannabis and plays an important role in preparing the sacred anointing oil. 

Nowadays, people also use weed for spiritual reasons. For example, some Sikhs, Hindus or Rastafarians use marijuana in their sacred ceremonies. But most people smoke weed in order to contemplate their life and personal or spiritual growth. You should know that those relaxing properties of cannabis help us see things from a completely different perspective, especially in difficult situations.

Some marijuana advocates believe that this holy plant has something to teach people on our planet. It’s not a surprise that marijuana increases our connection with nature and helps us appreciate it on a broader scale; spiritual reasons aside, weed also brings people closer and creates an invisible yet strong bond between them. 

Despite the fact that marijuana is not legal for recreational use in Canada, about 50% of Canadians admit that they have tried weed at least once in their lives. Although people who don’t smoke weed may not understand the benefits this plant has to share with us, there is a lot to learn about this cannabis. Smoking the herb – whether it’s recreationally or for medical reasons – has many benefits and helps to improve the quality of life. 


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