Weed Anxiety Attacks

If you follow any type of Canadian news, you have noticed the television, the paper, and our news feeds have been clustered with bringing awareness to the mental health crisis from coast to coast, or news about our Federal Government legalizing weed for anxiety and weed for general use. 

Both of these hot topics are unfolding right now, right before our eyes. 

The Switch from Pharma to Marijuana

While the outcome of these events is yet to be known, we do know a few things: Weed helps people with anxiety, marijuana strains for anxiety are available, and Canadians using benzodiazepines to treat anxiety-related disorders are switching to marijuana for panic attacks and anxiety-related disorders. 

This is greatly reducing the pharmaceutical reliance we have on prescriptions and allowing us to treat our symptoms with specific strains that reduce anxiety. When we talk about CBD pills replacing things like acetometaphine, we know that people are actually seeing results. 

The Switch from Back door Bags to Main Street Shops 

Let’s face it. Not that long ago, most of us had absolutely no say on what weed we got. We got whatever our friend’s friend had on hand at the time. We had no idea whether the Indica was a Sativa, whether those crystals were THC or Sprite, if our Kush was really purple, or if it was freezer burned for the effect.  Things are different. These days we walk into a shop that is situated between a cafe and a clothing store and are greeted by an informed salesperson on our purchasing options. As a modern, middle-class Canadian myself, I find I am always on the hunt for new information, scientific facts, and insight from industry professionals. I am always asking more and more questions as I receive the answers. 

In this age of information at our fingertips, we are constantly asking questions, on the hunt for the next fact.  Here are some basic questions and answers that may help guide your next experience when you are looking at weed for anxiety or marijuana for panic attacks as an alternative to mainstream pharmaceutical prescription. 

Marijuana for Anxiety: Why? 

While there are a lot of different opinions out there on which strains of weed help with anxiety, the best strains for panic disorders, and in what way to consume the weed for the most enhancing effect, we do know that any strain with a high CBD level and a lower THC level has the scientific backing to reduce anxiety and panic disorders. 

Science Time! 

We also know that weed has multiple anti-anxiety properties, including cannabinol and terpenes like myrcene and terpinolene which essentially is the smell or aromatherapy part of the marijuana plant. 

Terpenes. They say scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. They also say that anxiety slowly deteriorates or slows down the body’s ability to produce endocannabinoids in the part of your brain that regulates emotions such as anxiety as well as our “fight or flight” instincts. 


Limonene is one of the top five terpenes found in cannabis resin. These are the weed strains that have that citrus or fruity smell. It has the ability to treat anxiety and increase your all around well-being. 

Now that we know the basic science behind the “why” of treating anxiety with the best weed strains it’s time to get down to specific strains available. 

My Favorite Herb: Best Strains for Anxiety 

Keep in mind, wherever you go the names of the weed may change, but their properties remain the same. As in: If you ask for an Indica dominant hybrid, you will receive a calming effect with higher CBD to THC ratio hence using the best strain for anxiety. 


This strain has a very low THC content and a modestly high CBD level. A go-to smoke that can be used during the day without the hazy effect.  It leaves you mellow and uplifted. The smell is very sweet and with a slight citrus. This is a popular one, a very sought-after medical strain for people looking for a high CBD level. 

Blueberry Kush 

This is an Indica strain hybrid mixed with Blueberry and OG Kush. One hit of this and you are relieved of pain and feeling well relaxed. This strain is very popular and has a very sweet fruity smell. 

Pre-98 Bubba Kush 

This strain is a blast from the past! Getting my hands on Bubba Kush during the time when music was still decent and we weren’t glued to a phone is a highlight of my youth! This strain is an Indica dominant strain that was the top dog of pot for over a decade. You’re left with a lovely body high. The best strain for anxiety and relaxing at the end of a long hard day, Bubba Kush is a go-to smoke you can find easily. When in doubt: P98! 

Purple Urkle 

I like to refer to this strain as the “sleepy-time” strain. While it is marketed for Insomnia, this Hybrid helps you drift off to slumber land. If you are a heavy smoker such as myself, you will find this strain will give you a lovely body high relaxing you from head to toe. The sweetest dreams come from the sweetest strains, and this one is no different. This is a very berry, very sweet-smelling strain. 


This is the ONLY Sativa hybrid strain on my personal list. It goes against most “rules” related to looking for the best weed for anxiety. Its THC content is high around 15%. The strain is mostly lemon with a bit of warm spice. You will feel uplifted, revitalized and soothed. My personal belief is because of those terpenes that make it smell so heavenly! 

CBD Critical Cure 

As the name suggests this strain has a high CBD content. It is something you can smoke during the day and still feel calmed and relaxed. If you did choose to lie down, you would fall asleep easily… It can knock out anxiety and stress without knocking you out cold. 

OG Kush 

This is a Hybrid strain out of California. This strain brings on a heavy euphoric effect that can annihilate stress and anxiety. That distinct lemon scent that carries woody undertones is the handy work of terpenes. Anyone who smokes knows Kush of any sort for a reason. That is the smell of heaven!  Primarily used for Headaches and ADD/ADHD, OG Kush has been known to crush a panic attack and is marijuana’s best strain for anxiety 

Northern Lights 

An oldie but a goodie! One of the most widely recognized totally pure Indica that is known for its crystallized buds that sweep you off your feet and take you away to blissful paradise. This plant has been known to relax your mind and body. One of the best strains for anxiety and panic attacks on the market. 

How do the Best Strains for Anxiety Work? 

Being a medical marijuana user myself I smoke daily to reduce stress and anxiety. I am a much calmer, more thoughtful person when I smoke the best strain for anxiety.  The good news is, smoking the correct strain of weed has been shown to enhance these brain chemicals thus balancing us out and creating a feeling of relaxation and relief without being lethargic or having a psychoactive effect on us. 

THC and CBD are the main elements that makeup weed. As with any good relationship, they have their differences. THC is the stuff found in Sativa strains and tends to have a psychoactive effect on us. CBD works on specific receptors in the brain that control our happiness by regenerating cells in the brain that are ultimately damaged because of anxiety and stress-related disorders. 

Five Key Factors in choosing the Best Strain for Anxiety? 

  • High CBD/ low THC 
  • Indica over Sativa 
  • Terpenes ( Follow your nose) 
  • Know your dose

What Does All This Mean For My Anxiety? 

Marijuana has a direct ability to play a role in memory extinction, which could mean that it helps block negative memories and anxiety-related feelings. 

“Know before you go!” This a phrase I often reiterate to my peers and new persons I meet interested in finding the right strain of marijuana to treat their anxiety and stress disorders. 

Anybody knows one of the first questions asked when you go to your local weed shop is “Whatare you looking for Sativa, Indica, or a Hybrid?” If it’s your first trip, you may have never known that difference. 

Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, there are very hard facts and a lot of insight into how efficiently certain strains of marijuana work effectively in reducing anxiety in people. From the CBD that boosts positive cells to the terpenes that create that lasting memory on our sense of smell through aromatherapy. These tiny parts that make up these wonderful plants are much more intricate than we first realize. All these little bits make up a plant which you can manipulate, break down, and extract for your own specific purpose or treatment. We know marijuana is medicine, but in a way, it is almost magic. Alchemy. 

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