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We are opening the doors to new opportunities in Vancouver for dispensary locations.  With one currently under renovation, soon to be open to serve you, Marine Drive.
We are working as best we can to open more locations.


Vancouver is the most populous city in the province of British Columbia with approximately 647,540 residents in the city and about 2.4 million in the greater metropolitan area. Surrounded by mountains Vancouver is a bustling and beautiful seaport city and is among Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities. Smoking weed in Vancouver is very common and the city has quickly become known as the Amsterdam of North American and is sometimes jokingly referred to as “Vansterdam” by the locals. The province’s many hills and forests, inexpensive hydroelectric power, and abundance of water and sunshine make it an ideal area for growing cannabis. The headquarters of registered political party the Marihuana Party of Canada is located in the city and has run candidates in elections provincially and federally with “Overgrowing the government” as their official motto.

In the year 2000 Canada became one of the first countries in the world to rule that its citizens have a right to use cannabis for medical purposes and because of the “safe space” laws people are able to bring their own marijuana to various locations to enjoy their weed in Vancouver. The British Columbia cannabis industry is worth an estimated $6 billion annually and produces 40 percent of all Canadian cannabis which makes the plant among the most valuable cash crops in the province. The federal government led by Prime Mister Justin Trudeau has planned to make cannabis fully legal in the country by the 1st of July 2018, which has led to an increase in cannabis stocks. Thanks to the relaxed attitudes towards weed in Vancouver, cannabis tourism is also increasing in the city.

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Cannabis is expected to be fully legal in Canada by July 1st 2018

Weed in Vancouver

For those seeking some weed in Vancouver for medical purposes and to engage in some cannabis culture there are several MMJ Canada dispensaries in the city. MMJ Canada was started in 2013 in Vancouver and has grown to be regarded as a top Canadian cannabis clinic and medical marijuana dispensary. Dispensaries have on-site doctors providing consultation and prescribing medication all in the same place for consumers’ convenience. The staff at our dispensaries are also able to provide helpful educational information about the different strains available helping consumers make an informed decision for the best solution for their ailments.

Weed in Vancouver is currently limited to medical marijuana and is considered as an effective alternative for treating numerous illnesses and affections such as arthritis, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and migraines and other health conditions.

There are currently five MMJ dispensaries scattered throughout the city ensuring easy access to a sweet high. All locations offer different options and prices for achieving the right level of stoned such as indica, sativa, hybrid strains as well as editable and extracts making it easy to find weed in Vancouver for locals and tourists alike.

Among these locations are 1290 E 12th Ave which offers in the indica strain range Tuna Kush, Land Racer, and Watermelon. The sativa strains include Sweet Jesus and Amnesia Haze. Hybrids include Girl Scout Cookies and Lemon Tree. There is also Liberty Farms and Speakeasy as concentrates and Apothecary THC infused Honey as an edible on offer at this store. After picking up some weed the surrounding neighborhood offers some great local restaurants, bars and cafes and entertainment. If after a little smoke one feels inclined to take in a little culture located nearby is the Elliott Louis Gallery which features fine art representing contemporary and historic Canadian and international artists. For those wanting to enjoy a pint, coffee or tasty meal there is also The Cedar Cottage Neighborhood Pub, Coffee House and Liquor Store in close proximity.

Weed in Vancouver can also be found at the 8265 Main St MMJ dispensary which is smack in the middle of the heart of the city. It offers weed varieties such as Platinum Bubba Kush, BC Rockstar-Vancity Green and God’s Gift. For those who prefer sativa there is Charlotte’s Web and Lemon Haze on offer. Hybrids at the Main St store include Jetfuel-Vancity Green and CBD Barb. Concentrates include Maple Leaf Extracts and Bob’s Honey Oil and edibles are Purely Medicinal Halley’s Comet Tears as well as Miss Envy Bully Bits. After achieving a nice high for those hungry, a small hike from this location leads to The Shameful Tiki Room restaurant offering Polynesian eats, exotic cocktails, live music with a tropical casual vibe.

The menu at the 6453 Victoria Drive MMJ dispensary indica range includes Death Bubba, Tom Ford Pink and Nuken. Sativa strains available are Love Potion, Sweet Berlin, and Big Freeze. Olive oil, Miss Envy THC Tears and Gourmet Infused Brownie Mix are on offer as edibles. After getting the munchies only short stroll away is Neighborhood Restaurant & Pizza House which has been providing the area with old school Italian and Greek food since 1982.

The MMJ dispensary at 1488 Pemberton Ave features on the indica menu Comtose, Hindu Kush and VanCity Death. Great White Shark and Moby Dick for in the sativa range. Hybrids at this store include Cannatonic, Angels Milk, and Warlock. If one is requiring a snack after the Afra bakery featuring Persian baked goods is right across the road.

Enjoying Vancouver While High

So you have successfully picked up now it’s time to savor some weed in Vancouver while exploring the city and engaging in some activities. The Vancouver Aquarium located a few minutes from world famous Stanley Park is a great place to start it allows visitors to view over 50,000 amazing aquatic sea creatures such as adorable sea otters, playful dolphin and intelligent Pacific Octopuses. After getting a little high you can also immerse yourself in the aquarium 4D Experience Theater which combines the high definition excitement of a 3D film with thrilling sensory effects. With an advance booking visitors to the Vancouver Aquarium can also participate in personalized hands on Animal Encounters with penguins, Steller sea lions, sea otters and dolphins.

After relishing in some weed in Vancouver visiting Science World at TELUS World of Science is a great way to immerse yourself in learning from the interactive displays and ever changing inspirational feature exhibitions, as well as live science demonstrations. There is the OMNIMAX theater which is an incredible 5 stories high and 27 meters in diameter with a sensational wraparound digital sound system.

Granville Island is a wonderful place to visit after partaking in some weed in Vancouver. In the early 1900s Granville Island was home to factories and sawmills but has since become a popular tourist detestation. The best way to travel to the island is by one the adorable mini-tugboat ferries which run regularly. The Public Market is considered one of the city’s most important culture districts with artisan workshops, craft studios and theaters. After smoking or consuming weed in Vancouver there is likely to be a craving for some local food delights and the Public Market is quite a food lover’s paradise offering cheese, seafood, baked goods and other local delights.

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