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(Image: Nelson is known as the “Pot capital” of Canada due to its bohemian community)



Nelson is a city located in the Selkirk Mountains on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake in heart of the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia in Canada. Nelson is acknowledged for its impressive collection of restored heritage building, from its glory days after the discovery of silver at nearby Toad Mountain in 1886 causing the town to boom quickly during the silver rush. With a population of about 10,230 and a trading area of over 60,000 people, the area is known for skiing, mountain biking, boating, hiking and golf as well as an active arts and culture scene. This vibrant Victorian town also boasts great restaurants, bustling coffee shops, character cafes and quirky retail stores.

Draft dodgers and hippie communes attracted to the city in the 70s has caused Nelson to be regarded as the most bohemian community in Canada and is often referred to as the “pot capital” of the country with locals being extremely tolerant of cannabis in Nelson.

Nelson made the transition from a typical rural lumber town into a thriving arts center after the decline in the lumber industry, partly due to wealth generated by cannabis growers which allowed the city to avoid much of the economic crisis. In response the City of Nelson proposed its own cannabis dispensaries regulations in early 2017 to grapple with its booming marijuana industry.

The federal government led by Prime Mister Justin Trudeau intends to make cannabis fully legal in the country for recreational purposes by the 1st of July 2018. Cannabis is currently limited for medicinal use to treat a range of health issues since a Supreme Court ruling in 2001 and it is possible to find doctors, clinics and dispensaries throughout Toronto offering medical marijuana which is considered as an effective alternative for treating numerous illnesses and affections such chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia and other health conditions.

Nelson Attractions

The Touchstones Museum is located inside a heritage building on the corner of Ward and Vernon in downtown Nelson. The museum’s name derives from a tool which was piece of fine grained dark schist or jasper which was used as a means to test the purity of gold and silver by observing the of the mark made on it and was known color as the “touchstone”. The supposedly haunted building was designed by esteemed British Columbia architect Francis Rattenbury, who was the same man who designed Victoria’s parliament buildings. The museum features an upstairs permanent interactive exhibit of the history of Nelson with a life-sized replica of a First Nations Sinixt kayak as well as photographs, artifacts and mining tools from the city’s robust silver mining past. The museum also attracts artists into the city with its revolving exhibit spaces.

The Kokanee Mountain Zipline allows visitors to fly without wings high across the forest canopy and experiencing a bird’s eye view of as you soar above the stunning natural canyon traveling down the mountainside up to 100 km/hr across six thrilling ziplines. After showing up skilled guides transport guests up to the launch platform and ensure their safety by clipping them into and out of their safety harness while allowing gravity to take care of the rest.

For those feeling even more adventurous there is Whitewater Ski Resort located only a 25-minute drive from Nelson in the legendary Selkirk Mountains renowned for its epic winters and dependable snowfall over 13.5 (44 feet) meters a season. The resort offers ski and snowboard lessons and can cater for beginners and experts alike. It’s well worth a visit to experience some true Kootenay Mountain culture.

After all that excitement it’s time to enjoy a cold one at the award-winning Nelson Brewing Company located at 512 Latimer Street, since its inception in 1991 the company has been producing all-natural, organic, full-flavored ales and beers. The Harvest Moon Organic Hemp Ale is created with the finest organic wheat, Pilsner and Munich malt, as well as toasted hemp seeds making it a must try for weed lovers in Nelson.

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Cannabis in Nelson

Perhaps the only thing that can improve a visit to the stunning city is finding a little weed to really enjoy Nelson. Finding cannabis in Nelson is not difficult as there are numerous dispensaries including the wonderful MMJ dispensary ensuring easy access.

The MMJ dispensary is located at 752 Vernon St in Nelson and offers a wide range of cannabis products and information for cannabis in Nelson.  The staff at MMJ dispensaries are can provide helpful educational information about the different strains available helping consumers make an informed decision for the best solution for their ailments.


Products available from the Vernon St dispensary include indica strains which are known to promote a calming and relaxing high and are considered a good treatment for people who suffer from anxiety, sleep deprivation, chronic pain and muscle spasms. Indica strains have a sedative effect so its recommended they be enjoyed in the evening or right before bedtime. Sativa strains are also ready for purchase with a lighter fruity aroma and tend to have a more stimulating effect. Sativa strains are typically used during the day and will provide an energizing effect while producing a creative buzz. Hybrid strains are also available and combine the effects of both the indica and sativa strains. The MMJ dispensary also sells cannabis extracts also known as concentrates which is a highly potent form of THC often used as an oil, shatter or resin. The dispensary also provides edible cannabis options for customers such as THC infused honey or olive oil. Topicals such as massage oil and bath bombs are additionally available from this store.


After picking up some Cannabis in Nelson from the 752 MMJ Vernon St dispensary it is time to check out the local neighborhood. Just a short walk down the road to 719 Vernon St is The Civic Theatre which was first built in 1935 and provided at the time the most modern theatrical and celluloid film technology. Since first opening the theatre has provided citizens and visitors to Nelson with over eight decades of film screenings, touring shows, community theatres and live music. Today the theatre provides movie lovers access to recent releases and special screenings of cult and classic films.


Baker Street is main street in downtown Nelson and is just one street over from the Vernon St dispensary and wondering down this delightful street is a must have experience while visiting the city. Baker street is amazing for people watching and provides the best of Nelson shopping with its abundance of funky shops, restaurants, and cafes and remains the heart of the bohemian culture of the city.


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