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smoke weed at dundurn castle hamilton

(Image: Dundurn Castle was completed in 1835 and is a popular tourist attraction in Hamilton)



Hamilton is a historic port city in the Niagara Peninsula region of the Canadian province of Ontario. The city is wrapped around the western edges of Lake Ontario midway between Toronto and the US border. Hamilton is the third largest city in Ontario and is the ninth largest city in Canada with almost 25% of its residents born outside of Canada. In the past Hamilton was quite industrial and was well known for producing steel. The major industries in the city today include manufacturing, bioscience, medical and agriculture. Hamilton also has a robust education sector featuring respected local universities, collages and schools as well as a thriving art community.

The city also features a flourishing cannabis culture and has hosted rallies and events in support of legalization of cannabis in Hamilton. The current federal government led by Prime Mister Justin Trudeau also supports the legalization of cannabis in the country. Trudeau has announced that the government intends to make cannabis fully legal in Canada for recreational purposes by the 1st of July 2018. Currently cannabis limited for medicinal use since a Supreme Court ruling in 2001 and it is quite easy to find doctors, clinics and dispensaries throughout Hamilton offering medical marijuana services. Medical marijuana is considered an effective alternative for treating numerous illnesses and affections including arthritis, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, migraines and other health conditions.  marijuana in hamilton

(Image: There are three MMJ dispensaries located throughout the city of Hamilton)


Cannabis in Hamilton

Finding cannabis in Hamilton is not difficult as there are numerous dispensaries including three MMJ dispensaries located in city ensuring easy access. All locations offer different options and prices such as indica, sativa, hybrid strains as well as editables and extracts making it easy to find cannabis in Hamilton for locals and tourists alike.


The 592 Upper James St MMJ dispensary offers a wide menu of cannabis strains and products to cover any cravings for cannabis in Hamilton. In the indica range is Special Kush which has a deeply relaxing physical effect while for those seeking strong medication but still want to remain active and sociable Black Diamond is ideal. Also on offer in the indica strains is Purple Potion delivering a sweet grape taste which helps with depression, stress, pain and insomnia. Sativa strains include Zelly’s Gift with uplifting effects and flavours of grape jelly and lime leaves.


Hybrid strains include Island Pink with sticky and crystallized nugs with a sweet grapefruit smell it has powerful euphoria and physical effects which is great for assisting with chronic pain and mood disorders as well simulating the appetite. White Castle is named after the classic stoner film and is considered as one of the most popular hybrid strains, with sweet strawberry flavours the strain produces both a social uplifting high as well as a stronger body high. If you don’t know how to roll a joint pre-rolled $5 doobies and HempStar Hash Joint with 80% Kief and 20% Bubble Hash are also ready for convenient purchase. Concentrated cannabis forms available at the 592 Upper James St MMJ dispensary include Angel’s Milk Sugar Wax by Holistek and Boss Hog by Libery Farms. For those who prefer to consume their cannabis in edible form there is NU Phoenix Tears and Chronic Tonic by Green Island. After picking up some weed just a short stroll away is Tracie’s Place Restaurant and Karaoke offering live music, great food and entertainment.


Ottawa Street is in the heart of the city and the 146 Ottawa St MMJ dispensary can cater for all cannabis related desires while in Hamilton. On the menu for indica strains is Violator Kush which has a musty earthy smell and taste providing a strong body high and Pre-98 Bubba this strain is a blast from the past and provides patients with a heavy body sensation for pain relief without feeling incapacitated or overwhelmed. Sativa strains include Sweet Berlin which has a fruity sweet and sour smell and taste with an energetic, positive and happy effect wonderful for treating chronic pain, depression or stress. In the hybrid range is God’s Green Crack which offers a duality of mind and body effects which lift the mood while relaxing muscles and Jet Fuel OG which has a pungent aroma like diesel fumes which produces feelings of euphoria and happiness.


Concentrates available from the Ottawa Street dispensary include Swamp Water by Liberty Farms, Rhino Bubble by Beard Brothers Society and Cotton Candy Live Resin by Everlasting Extracts. On the menu for edibles is Honey by MOTA which is a THC infused honey, Berry Tincture 30 ml, and Oliver Oil by Cannalife, an infused organic extra virgin olive oil with a sweet nutty flavour. Cannabis based topicals and pre-rolled $5 doobies are also sold from this dispensary. If you are feeling hungry after picking up some cannabis related supplies the Quality Bakery is nearby which creates artisan breads such as challah, rye and deserts offering some delicious baked goods to enjoy with some cannabis.


The third MMJ dispensary providing for you with cannabis in Hamilton is in the historic George street neighbourhood at 118 George St offers lovers of indica strains Vancity Death Tuna which has a sweet earthy pungent flavour offering a blissful and mellow effect which is useful for treating stress, depression and chronic pain. There is also Comatose Kush featuring distinctly orange hairs with a sour citrus smell and as the name suggests packs an intense body high. The Romulan Mikado indica strain is a beautiful emerald green with a pine full flavoured smoke, it is used to treat insomnia, pain and muscle spasms. On offer in the sativa strains is The Moby Dick was originated in Amsterdam and contains high levels of THC content, making it one of the strongest sativa strains. In the hybrid strain range is The Lemon Skunk which has a zesty, citrusy smell and taste and provides an energetic kind of high and is wonderful for treating fatigue, depression and stress.


Concentrates from the George St MMJ dispensary include Chocolate by Beard Brothers Society, Medi Bud by Everlasting Extracts and Purple Jones by Cannacure Concentrates. Edibles available are the Apothecary Baked with Mary Jane Brownie Mix which makes 32 bite sized brownies and Apothecary CBD Honey Mist which is extremely helpful with treating all types of pain and is not psychoactive. Featured topicals are Cannalife Nourishing Lip Balm specially formulated to moisture and repair dry lips and THC Infused Bath Bombs. Located nearby is the Big Tobacco Kitchen & Whiskey which has character dining, modern Southern cuisine with a collection of local and imported whiskey, spirits and wine.


Hamilton Attractions

Once you have collected your cannabis in Hamilton is well worth visiting the local attractions. Located on York Boulevard is the impressive Italian style Dundurn Castle with over 40 rooms is a neoclassical mansion that was took over three years to build, covers an area of 18,000 square feet and was completed in 1835 This magnificent castle is surrounded by stunning grounds and forest and houses the Hamilton Military Museum on the grounds which includes displays of the War of 1812, the Rebellions of 1837, the Boar War, World War 1, World War II and women in the military. The museum has a library and features artefacts such as uniforms, medals, weapons, photos and as well as other military memorabilia. The Cockpit Theatre is also on the grounds of the castle.

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market located on the corner of York Boulevard and James Street is an institution in the city and dating back to 1837 it the oldest market in the city.  The market is all indoors, contains some wonderful artisan shops and has over 70 venders selling their own produce and freshly prepared food. The mix of cultural culinary food products include handmade ice-cream, pasta and pho noodles. Canadian food items that will tempt visitors to take home are local wines, raw honey and of course maple syrup. Hanging proudly in the centre of the market is a beautiful fully restored Birks clock which has become a familiar landmark for shoppers.

The African Lion Safari is family owned and is one of Hamilton’s most visited attractions. It is home of African animals including giraffes, rhinos, zebras and of course lions. The safari park sits just outside the city limits and is situated on 750 acres and over 100 species of mammals and birds from across the world live at the park. The park offers a safari experience with the animals allowed to roam freely while the visitors are “caged” either in their own vehicle or on the park’s tour bus driven by experienced tour guides. Walking areas also feature smaller animals such as parrots, toucans and alpacas.



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